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Retelling, reliving and celebrating the significance of Kualoa and its people through education.

The Kualoa Education ʻohana is actively working to create relevant and meaningful learning opportunities for students, visitors, and kamaʻaina. Our goal is to inspire growth and appreciation for our natural environment and people through hands-on educational experiences

You can use a single or multiple locations for your group. Combine your event with recreational activities/tours and/or create team-building activities. We can also customize educational and Hawaiian-based programs for you.

He aliʻi ka ʻāina, he kauwā ke kanaka; Land is chief, man is its servant

Through our deep history we are reminded that it is our kuleana (responsibility and privilege) to tend to the needs of our environment in order to live harmoniously with the ʻāina. This program aims to foster a sense of stewardship through active participation in service experiences. Students learn about land stewardship and conservation efforts at Kualoa then participate in a service work project. Recommended for grade 4 and higher. Current projects include:
  • Stream Restoration (removing invasive species & planting natives)
  • Lo`i Kalo (connecting the moʻolelo of Hāloa to life experiences through loʻi maintenance, clearing the ʻauwai, working with kalo as needed)
  • Coastal sustainability work, fishpond restoration.
  • All experiences are partially subject to the needs of the ʻāina at that specific time and we will do our best to accommodate to a groups needs.

Aʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia; No task is too big when done together by all

Our experiential learning programs are designed to promote self-discovery, self-confidence, leadership skills, cooperation, teamwork and more, all in a positive and fun environment. We will customize a program that focuses on your specific goals. Recommended for grade 4 and higher
  • Mobile Challenge Course – Series of activities such as A-frame, Skis, Human knot and many others.
  • Traditional Hawaiian Practice Based Lōkahi Activities – Uhauhumu Pōhaku: Dry-stacked rock building, Team Kaula: Intensified Hawaiian rope making as a group that focuses on teamwork and cohesiveness, Loʻi Kalo: Working in taro patches to accomplish need-based tasks as a team. Each culturally based Lōkahi activity will include activity introduction with moʻolelo and reflections to follow.

Pali ke kua, mahina ke alo; Back as straight as a cliff, face as bright as the moon.

Our hiking experiences are great for educational groups who want to immerse themselves in the natural wao nahele, or forest lands of Kualoa Ranch. We offer different hiking themes such as lāʻau lapaʻau (Hawaiian medicinal plants) and haʻi moʻolelo (story telling).
All of our themes are centered around providing perspectives that our ʻāina can provide. We also focus on the ability to kilo (observe) and utilize kilo both on a wider scope as well as those detailed and more intimate observations in nature.

He pipi ke kao, he kao ka pipi; A cow is a goat, a goat is a cow.

Kualoa Ranch is unique in our commitment to animal care and ranch culture. In “Animal Friends”, children get to have hands-on experience with a variety of farm animals and zoo animals. We emphasize the love and care we have for our animals while teaching others a part of the ranch lifestyle.
Some of our animals include chickens, rabbits, llamas, cows, goats, tortoises and more. The recommended age range for this activity is preschool – grade 1.

I Ola ʻOe, I Ola Kākou; One must first care for himself for all to be healthy.

This hands-on educational workshop is designed for middle school – adult aged learners who want to deepen their understanding of food independence and how Kualoa is working towards that goal for Hawaiʻi.
We will have a guided tour of our agricultural areas and get to work hands on in caring for some of the staple food plants at the ranch.

Kualoa ʻIke Kaiāulu

Our Education department at Kualoa is committed to bridging our communities together. We hope to do this by offering meaningful opportunities for our communities to engage in the wahi pana of Hakipuʻu, Kualoa and Kaʻaʻawa.
If you have a group that would like to volunteer and work alongside us in keeping these spaces waiwai (enriched), please feel free to contact us via email at


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The Kualoa Education team is based in Hakipuʻu. We are a few minutes away from the Kualoa Ranch – Main Rach area and across the street from Coral Kingdom. Navigation to our location is possible through Google Maps and other navigation apps.


Joey – Manager of Hawaiian Culture and Community Engagement

Alan – Lead Education Guide

Piko – Lead Hawaiian Cultural Education Guide

Lehua, Mahina, Sonny, ʻIwi – Education Guides

Tamara – Animal Handler

Mihi – Admin Assistant